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We offer three specialist services

These are our main area of expertise, but we also have a close-knit network of London-based Web Consultants which allow us to deliver an end-to-end project to our clients that require it.

We analyse your requirements to help produce a consistent user interface prototype ready to apply to a Front End app.

This service is typically used for clients who:

  • Need to convert a concept or an idea into an interactive proof-of-concept
  • Have an existing application which needs redesigning

The typical process:

  1. Gather your business requirements and all necessary assets (if applicable) relating to your business/product
  2. Produce a collection of low-fidelity wireframes to map out your user-journeys
  3. Using our tried-and-tested library of user interface components, we produce an initial prototype of your app
  4. We conduct a user-testing and feedback gathering sessions to finalise the user interface
  5. Project complete! At this stage we provide a number of next steps depending on you scenario. We can work with our own backend development consultants to deliver the app end-to-end, or work with your own team to integrate the user interface into an existing platform

We take an existing design from yourselves, or a design that we have already produced, with the aim to build a production-ready Front End app which takes into consideration usability, scalabity and performance.

This service is typically used for clients who:
  • Have an existing design which needs to be built into a fully functional Front End app
  • Have a legacy app which is in need of modernisation

The typical process:

  1. Your designer(s) provide us with wireframes or high-fidelity designs of your app
  2. We take those wireframes/designs and build a Front End app
  3. You can choose to either integrate the Front End app into an existing platform, or let us handle the backend aspect of the app, using our close-knit team of backend consultants

Our Consultation service is divided into two categories: One-to-one/One-to-many tutoring and In-house consulting.

This service is typically used for clients who:

  • Need a one-to-one/one-to-many tutoring session on Front End Development
  • Need an extra pair of hands to help with an existing or “greenfield” Front End appOne-to-one/One-to-many tutoring:We provide an in-depth one-to-one tutoring service where our Lead Instructor will spend time training you to better understand, and get hands-on experiencing building for the Web as a Front End Developer (ReactJS/Redux). Pick all, or a selection of the modules below, depending on your requirement. We will provide you with a free e-brochure detailing our process, timescales and what you should expect to gain:
  • Introduction to the design process
  • ReactJS foundations
  • Redux foundations
  • Boilerplating your front end app
  • Performance considerations
  • Accessibility
  • Building a Front End Development career (inc. life skills)

In-house consulting:

We can provide you with one of our consultants to join your own team to work on delivering a project. Whether it be UI Design, Front End Development or simply an extra set of hands to increase your team’s velocity, we can help fill the gap.


Contact us for details about our tutoring availability and consultancy rates.