Epping Forest College Wireframing

Whilst working on the website redesign project with Epping Forest College, I was responsible for producing low fidelity wireframes during the initial planning/research stage. As the project progressed, I converted these layouts into full high fidelity concepts for the their feedback. The current beta version of the new website can be found here.

UX approach to Brief Builder

If  you haven’t yet seen my case study on Brief Builder, check it out to see what the high-fidelity concept looks like. Here are a few photos of where the idea originated: good ‘ol sketched wire framing…

Scalability, insights & educating clients

Over the last 3 months we have been revamping our project workflow here at Juice, and somewhat taken our foot off the gas in regards to social network activity. But it was all worth it. One thing we’ve learned whilst building the new workflow is that it’s extremely beneficial to take that step back occasionally, (…read more)

Designing at Aluminati

Aluminati Network Group is a software company focusing on web solutions for University Alumni. Their work varies from email services to web-based social networks for clients such as Cambridge University, University College London, Oxford University and many other educational organisations around the UK. When I first joined Aluminati in January 2012, I was initially brought (…read more)

Streamlining my WordPress development

About 3 years ago, I started building a WordPress theme 99% free from any cosmetic styling. The main reason for this, was to help streamline my WordPress projects – eliminating any repetitive tasks I found myself doing for all projects. Inspired from a number of other coding techniques, theme set-ups and quite simply anything I’ve (…read more)

The importance of hiring a web professional

You can view the original article here! The owners and directors of many small and start-up businesses focus a disproportionate amount of time on attracting visitors to their websites and, for many, this is considered “job done”. Business owners willingly set a budget aside for Google Adwords in anticipation of a deluge of visits to (…read more)

Google Chart Tools

In brief, Google Chart Tools is a service which allows you to easily display charts on your web page using the Google Chart Tools API. To give you an example, I’m currently working on implementing the data used for a project with Google Chart Tools in order to achieve a variety in data visualisation. You (…read more)

Tutorial: Creating simple, flexible jQuery Tooltips

I don’t often post tutorials on my blog, as I usually focus on forums and Stackoverflow, but here’s a very simple, straight-forward tutorial that will be useful for anybody just getting to grips with jQuery. The Aim The idea here is to avoid any uneccessary steps and focus 100% on what we’re trying to achieve (…read more)

Mark Randall – brave soldier, great artist. Loving Grandad.

Mark Randall was born in Coventry. He studied for a short time at Coventry School of Art, before war time service with the Royal Navy (1941- 1946), interrupted his studies. After leaving the forces, he settled in London working as a commercial artist and graphic designer in advertising, whilst continuing with evening studies at Hornsey (…read more)

It got me thinking…

A retrospective thought, looking back at my visit to my father’s home nation, Nigeria. First of all, what an experience! Although I’ve visited the country a number of times, I feel that this visit in particular allowed me to really take advantage of the experience and truly understand Nigerians and their way of life. Visiting (…read more)