Social Network Sync

Social Network Sync (SNS) was my first user interface project whilst working for Aluminati Network Group. It’s sole purpose is to allow University administrators the ability to sync alumni’s details with popular social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The main benefit? Well, you only need to ask yourself how often you tend to update your university with your latest details – if ever! For many Universities, this information is extremely important to ensure they track the long-term success of their former students.

SNS allows Universities to automatically link their alumni database with Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, showing them any conflicts of information (address changes, names, contact details) and gives them the ability to update their database based on the data found on the profiles, which is much more likely to be up-to-date!

My main responsibility was to turn this unique concept into a clear, simple-to-use interface that administrators could relate to. As with all of my user interface projects, a lot of time was spent during the planning phase, generating site maps and wireframing before moving onto the hi-fidelity design.