Juice Interactive

Juice Interactive is part of Juice, a Digital Marketing Agency. When I ¬†joined the team at Juice my first project was to plan, design and develop a website dedicated to our Web team, keeping within the brand’s guidelines and advertising the company’s online solutions.

The main aim was to provide visitors with essential information about our services, making them easy to access and understand. For businesses not used to online solutions, the process can sometimes appear overwhelming, complex and confusing – something I wanted to fix in this website’s design.

There are a number of useful features throughout the site which help users understand what they want and exactly how we can help with their situation. The free ‘Website Health Check’ was an idea proposed by myself, in which we analyse visitor’s websites, giving them advise on how to improve the site from a design, development and marketing perspective.

I proposed a simplified Services section, diving our offerings into three different approaches. Whilst quite broad, they helped us direct new clients into the right path so that we could them tweak the approach depending on their specific requirements.