Inform Billing Solutions

For some businesses, responsive design is not absolutely necessary. In the next few months, that statement will be irrelevant. Any business whose main focus is providing the best user experience for their visitors, needs a responsive website in order to ensure 100% satisfaction.

For Inform Billing specifically – delivering a poor user experience on their website would send all the wrong messages to visitors interested in their own products. It was absolutely necessary to provide a responsive design for their visitors in order to build trust in their own products.

I’m particularly pleased with the clean, ‘gentle’ look and feel of the site, which has been influenced by the company’s brand identity. As a result, they have an extremely consistent web design throughout, with clearly defined sections so that users can find exactly what they’re looking for – quickly.

Throughout the website I considered content that mobile users will actually need to see, and removed all of the unnecessary elements to help users achieve their goals without having to dig through piles of unimportant content.