Epping Forest College

When Epping Forest College decided to focus on a redesign of their website, they were keen to start from the ground up. Influenced by the GOV.UK project approach, we wanted a website that focused on delivering information to it’s users in the most clear and effective way possible, avoiding any unnecessary visual aesthetics.

With a short timeframe of 2 weeks to plan, design and build the website; we decided that publicly releasing a “beta” version of the site would allow us to release it in time whilst continuing to develop.

Before starting the layout design of the site, I decided to outline a style guide which helped us maintain consistency. It was important that we designed a scalable website with plenty of opportunity to expand and adjust in the future, since there were already a number of features planned for “phase two” of the project – once the “beta” website had been launched.

The end result was a modern, clean and flexible website which has provided a superb starting ground for Epping Forest College’s future plans with their online presence.