Brief Builder

Having the responsibility of setting up a small agency allowed me to experience all sides of the web design business, which made me realise how much time is spent producing a project brief for each client. I created a tool that aimed to to streamline this process for smaller projects. You can find an early front-end demo here.

Being a start-up design division, time was definitely of the essence, and we wanted to find a way to streamline the project set-up so that we could spend more of our time focusing on the hands-on design and development.

One of the key stages of any website project is the immersion stage – understanding the client’s business, identifying the website’s structure, gathering content, colour preferences, budget and timescale. It’s an in-depth stage which can easily take up a quarter of the total project time, so a considerable amount of the project cost.

Brief Builder is designed to cover all aspects of the immersion stage, not only saving you time, but also giving you a clear, detailed brief from clients by simply clicking a button a generating a link!

This concept has since become a side-project I have been working on over the last few months, and I hope to release an alpha version to a select number of designers and developers to test. Please get in touch if you’re interested to be part of the testing stage!