Aluminate is a social networking interface designed specifically for University alumni. Being the sole designer for this project, I had the freedom to outline my own design process, front-end development approach and then work with our team of developers to put it all together.


Before diving straight into the design, I wanted to take a step back and simply sit down with the team discussing exactly what this interface needs to achieve, what functionality will be involved and identify the overall user journey.


The main idea behind Aluminate’s design is that the system should be completely modular. We wanted to simply “bolt” certain types of functionality together to make a package for Universities to customise, so a lot of thought went behind the ¬†functionality types and how they would be affected depending on what happened with other modules around it.

The whole idea of “modular design” acted as the starting point for the design process. From there, I produced a number of site map revisions, endless wireframe sketches and once the team were 100% happy with the direction, I moved on to produce hi-fidelity concepts in Photoshop.

Although I can’t share the latest, live version of Aluminate (unless you’re a university alumni of course!), you can see an early front-end prototype I built shortly before the beta version was released.