I design and build web user interfaces. I have a very idealistic approach to my work, and with over 8 years experience working in the Web industry, I constantly attempt to challenge the status quo, finding unique design solutions for applications, websites and advertising campaigns.

I believe in innovation, user-centric design and using my design and development experience to help businesses achieve their online goals whilst providing a seamless, rewarding experience for their users. One of my strongest assets is my ability to span across both design and development disciplines. In previous roles I have helped companies bridge the gap between the design and development teams – allowing us to work as one, making use of our strongest areas. I have also spanned across a number of different working environments, from SaaS, agile, agencies and in-house product teams.

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This versatility proved extremely useful whilst freelancing as I was able to provide an all-round, quality service to my clients and having a strong entrepreneurial spirit played an important part in keeping on top of my freelance projects.

In previous roles I have had key responsibilities of meeting tight deadlines on a wide range of corporate projects with companies such as Cambridge University Press, The Independent, Ocado, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer and education organisations such as Cambridge University, Lincoln College and University College London. I’m known to keep things very organised when working on projects with my clients, ensuring that both parties are clear on the direction of the project and when to expect completion.

In 2012 I was responsible for the design and front-end development of two large user interface projects for some of the country’s top universities. Aluminate and Social Network Sync are two web apps targeting University alumni and University administrators, respectively. Front-end demos of these web apps can be shared upon request, just drop me an email.

Check out my blog for more insightful, detailed case studies on the larger projects I have been involved in.